Bitcoin Event in July The B Word

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Bitcoin event in July, The B Word, is hosted by The Crypto Council for Innovation. It is a virtual event held on July 21, 2021.  Jack Dorsey invited Elon Musk to speak at the event.  The CCI realizes the benefits of cryptos to people, nations, and institutions.  But Dorsey also has enough insight. He realizes institutions and nations will need to understand the complexity of Bitcoin before investing in it.  Institutions will be making decades’ worth of investments. And so their appreciation for the Bitcoin store of value is imperative. We are talking about full Bitcoin adoption by these institutions and nations.  The July 21st meeting, The B Word, is about demonstrating the transformational power and promise of Bitcoin to the world. Thus, policymakers, regulators, and people in leadership capacities are needed for this to move forward. Click on the middle of the video below to play it.

Bitcoin Adoption

Obviously, Jack Dorsey is keyed in that without Bitcoin adoption, the crypto industry fails. For that reason, Jack is having this Bitcoin event in July. To help key leaders of the nations around the world. Regulators, policy makers and major institutions will come to learn and understand Bitcoin. You might not agree with Dorsey on other aspects of what he offers to the globe. But I think he realizes Bitcoin is at least worth his time & financial backing. Possibly he feels Bitcoin adoption is a smart a financial motive. Without institutions and nations embracing Bitcoin as a store of value, it all fails.

key speakers at the B Word event

So what speakers do Dorsey and the Crypto Council for Innovation (“CCI”) have lined up for this event? Well, with whom they are trying to attract to this event as far as political and investment firms? I think the lineup is massive. And for good reasons. Here is the lineup for the Bitcoin event in July: Cathie Wood of Ark Invests, Jack Dorsey of Square, Inc., John Newbery of Brink, Adam Black of Blockstream, Lyn Alden of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures.

Understanding the complexity of bitcoin

A complex system backs Bitcoin. Hence, Dorsey and the Crypto Council for Innovation is hosting The B Word event. This will to help educate institutional and nation investors. The lineup for this Bitcoin event in July follows (scroll down to the middle of the page):

The B Word Event Schedule is the following:

Track 1: Demystifying Bitcoin, Track 2: Supporting the Developer Ecosystem, Live Session:  Bitcoin as a Tool for Economic Empowerment, Track 3:  Securing the Bitcoin Network, Track 4: Regulating BitcoinTrack, 5: Preserving the Bitcoin Ethos.

So, let’s sum up. Jack Dorsey is doing a great job spreading educational awareness about Bitcoin. Subsequently, clean Bitcoin mining will be explained as well. Institutional investors, policymakers, regulators and leaders of the nations around the world will be a large part of BTC adoption.  The B Word event on July 21, 2021 should prove to be an exciting event.