Digital Assets are Changing the Financial World

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Digital assets are changing the financial world. Advisory giant, Deloitte, released their latest survey, the Global Blockchain Survey. Deloitte’s survey basically sums up that banks should be ready for their inevitable digital future.  Let’s review some of the facts that came out of this Survey.

digital assets are changing the world

Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey

Blockchain, digital assets and the financial service industry (FSI) have gone digital this past year. And it’s not just because of the pandemic. Business models will need to change in short order because everything is going digital. Digital in regards to means of exchange of goods or for store of value.


The banking and financial markets will need to gear up for the new blockchain technology. Digital assets are changing the financial world. Digital assets are at their front door.  And 80% of respondents believe one thing. That digital assets would be a “very/somewhat important” part of their industry.  Three-fourths of FSI respondents said that their their industry needed to get on board. On board with digital asset changes. Fear of losing their competitive edge to the new blockchain industry.

Digital assets are driving the FSI to upgrade their clunky, outdated systems.  And digital assets and blockchain will force a remodel of the current financial ecosystem in general.  Seventy-six percent of respondents believe that we are moving from paper to a digital monetary system. But that could take another five to ten years.  Safe custody is one of the top services FSI believes will be the key role for them. But they also believe it will not happen for the next five to ten years. And Bitcoin will change technology in a huge way as Gen Z an Millennials are starting to invest solely in Bitcoin vs the stockmarket.

data security regulations & cybersecurity

Data security regulations and cybersecurity are the two areas needing to be addressed immediately. It is necessary so that the current financial systems can fully embrace this new technology.  Businesses will have to reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant and not be left out. One item that is still not addressed is how the old system will live among the new evolving system.  You will have clients that will not embrace the new technology. While some clients that will only want to work with FSI that have embraced it.

These companies will need to do a facelift of their industry so that the people’s needs will be met. The future is happening before our eyes.  Financial companies need to adapt or die.  I’m sure there are big changes occurring in the background and soon it will be revealed.  Society is in for a real treat. Digital assets are changing the financial world.