Will Blockchain Change the World, SEC Gary Gensler

by Nov 16, 2021Blockchain Education0 comments

Will blockchain change the world, SEC Gary Gensler is very supportive of blockchain and Bitcoin. Let’s go over his comments and a few other articles. Check out the video below and then following that is more information on how blockchain will disrupt the way our economy operates currently.

Will Blockchain change the world

SEC Gary Gensler called blockchain the global catalyst for change. Governments will also use blockchain for services that serve a purpose such as identity when voting. Blockchain will be a framework for economic growth.

What Would the government use the blockchain for

The government at federal, state or local level is there to serve its people. What purpose could the government use blockchain technology for:

  • Identity of the People – 1 billion people don’t even have proof of their identity
  • Transparency of Procurement Process
  • Voting – most voting done by paper ballots, leading to expense, cost and integrity issues
  • Cuts out the Middleman

Blockchain is a natural evolution of technology in business, economics, and a social good. It is a great way to move forward in a new Web 3.0 economy with blockchain. Blockchain is not just a financial ledger, but for so many other uses. Check out our video about blockchain on our YouTube channel.